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July 28-29, 2003

Grand Summit Hotel
Sugarloaf/USA, Maine


Prof. Peter Gregory, Avecia Ink Jet Printing Materials

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Information Management Institute, Inc.


One could argue that the colorant is the most important component of any printing system, as it actually forms the visual image. Yet the issues concerning colorant behavior and choice are often less well understood than the "delivery" systems themselves.

This course is intended for ink jet chemists, system developers and anyone specifying inks or just curious about colorant chemistry issues. An understanding of chemistry will be useful but not essential to understanding the properties of colorants and how they can be selected and used within modern electrophotographic toners and ink jet inks.

This course will be led by Professor Peter Gregory of Avecia Ink Jet Printing Materials. Peter is recognized as one of the world's experts in this field and is credited with many of the technology advances made in recent years that have resulted in Avecia becoming an industry leader.

Modern Colorant Chemistry
July 28-29, 2003
Grand Summit Hotel
Sugarloaf/USA, Maine

Agenda and Schedule

  Monday, July 28, 2003

  12:00 NoonRegistration & Lunch

  1:00 p.m.Opening Session

Alvin G. Keene, President, Information Management Institute, Inc., Carrabassett Valley, Maine


  • Natural Dyes: Origin, Structure & Chemistry
  • Synthetic Dyes: Major Discoveries & Serendipity
  • Natural Vs. Synthetic Dyes: Pros & Cons


  • Synthesis Of Azo Dyes: Diazotisation & Coupling
  • Azo/Hydrazone & Azonium/Ammonium Tautomerism
  • Color - Structure Relationships


  • Serendipity Strikes Again
  • Nature's Porphyrins Vs. Man-made Phthalocyanines
  • Color - Structure Relationships
  • Traditional & Hi-tech Applications


  • Indigoid Dyes: Color-Structure Relationships & Properties
  • Anthraquinone Dyes: Color-Structure Relationships & Properties
  • Other Important Dye Classes, e.g. Vats, Triphendioxazines & Benzodifuranones

  •   5:00 p.m.Session Closes

      6:30 p.m.Reception & Dinner

      Tuesday, July 29, 2003

      7:00 a.mBreakfast

      8:00 a.m. Session 2

  • History Of Pigments
  • Pigment Properties/Uses
  • Inorganic Pigments
  • Organic Pigments
  • Special Effect Pigments
  • Organic Vs. Inorganic Pigments


  • Historical Perspectives
  • Dyes & Pigments: Similarities & Differences
  • Classification Of Dyes, i.e. Acid, Reactive, Disperse, Solvent, Etc.
  • Colorant Nomenclature
  • General & Future Trends Of Colorants
  • Toxicology & Registration Of Dyes: Including Carcinogens & Their Mode Of Action


  • Substrate Types & Structures
  • Colorant-Substrate Interactions
  • Water Fastness
  • Light Fastness/Photo Fading Mechanisms Of Major Colorant Classes
  • Photochromism/Metamerism


  • Origin & Language Of Color
  • Measurement Of Color
  • Colors Of Dyes: Explanation Of
  • Brightness & Dullness Of Dyes: Relationship To Chemical Structure

  •  12:00 Noon Lunch

      1:00 p.m.Session 3

  • Ink Jet Printing (Accidental) Discovery
        - Process
        - Colorants/Inks
  • Electrophotography
        - Process
        - Toners/Organic Photoconductors (OPCs)
        - Colorants
  • Thermal Printing
        - Color Formers
        - Developers
        - Sensitisers
  • Thermal Transfer Printing
        - Wax
        - D2T2


  • Infrared Absorbers In Optical Data Storage & Security
  • Singlet Oxygen Generators In Photodynamic Therapy
  • Electronic Materials
        - Flat Panel Displays
        - Light Emitting Diodes
        - Small Molecules
        - Organic Semiconductors


  •   4:00 p.m.Adjournment

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    Professor Peter Gregory, Group Leader/Company Research Associate, Avecia Ink Jet Printing Materials

    Professor Gregory is a recognized world expert on color chemistry, particularly for high technology applications. He was the first industrial chemist to receive the Royal Society of Chemistry's Interdisciplinary Award in 1996.

    He has published over 100 patents and numerous papers on dyes, including color-structure and structure-toxicological relationships. He is the author of the book "High Technology Applications of Organic Colorants," co-author of the book "Organic Chemistry in Colour" and editor of the book "Chemistry and Technology of Printing and Imaging Systems." He is also author of several chapters on various aspects of dyes. Professor Gregory regularly speakers at and chairs international conferences on colorants.

    Professor Gregory received his degree in chemistry from Salford University and has spent his working life in the Research Department at Blackley, initially for ICI, followed by Zeneca, Astra Zeneca and currently Avecia. His early research was on novel dyes for textiles, followed by four years in a non-colors area (biocides) before resuming research into dyes for high technology applications in 1984. He has considerable experience with all of the non-impact printing technologies, particularly in the three major ones (electrophotography, thermal transfer and ink jet). He has successfully led the research for thermal transfer dyes for electronic photography, electrophotographic chemicals and infrared absorbers and is now leading the research for ink jet dyes.


    IMI's 2003 Digital Printing Summer Camp - EAST is being held at the Sugarloaf Grand Summit Hotel located at the Sugarloaf/USA base village. The 120 rooms and suites offer modern comfort in natural splendor and appeal of the Western Maine Mountains.

    Hotel reservations are the responsibility of each registrant. To receive the special meeting rate of $80 for single or double occupancy, you must identify yourself as a registrant to IMI's Digital Printing Summer Camp. Early booking is advised as the reduced rate is guaranteed only until July 7, 2003. Phone +1-800-527-9879 and to make hotel reservations.

    All Sugarloaf Grand Summit Hotel rooms are air conditioned, equipped with TV and VCRs, and the hotel has its own health club facility. The Sugarloaf Sports and Fitness Center, outdoor pool and tennis courts are also available for guest use at no additional charge. Outdoor recreation possibilities such as golf, hiking, canoeing, mountain biking, rafting, moose watching, etc. abound in the area.


    Sugarloaf/USA is a major eastern ski resort and summer recreational area located in Carrabassett Valley in the western mountains of the State of Maine. Celebrating over 50 year of operation, Sugarloaf/USA offers a wide range of summer activities including golf, hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, swimming, white water rafting, canoeing or just relaxing in a beautiful, natural environment. It is a great place to combine your learning experience at the 2003 Digital Printing Summer Camp - EAST and a family vacation where you can experience the wonders of nature and healthy outdoor activities such as:


    The Sugarloaf Golf Club is the number one rated course in Maine and Golf Digest rated the course one of the top 75 resort courses in the United States. Designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr., the 18-hole course is known for its quality of play and scenery. It plays through the valley with mountains overhead and winds over and around the Carrabasset River.

    The awe-inspiring 18-holes that make up the Sugarloaf Golf Club & Golf School have proven, for so many golfers, an unforgettable experience. An experience punctuated by the rugged, demanding terrain that is the hallmark of mountain golf.

    Golf Digest called Sugarloaf Golf Club a "top 10 for memorability" and a "top 10 for aesthetics." And its legendary designer, Robert Trent Jones, Jr., calls it "One of the most spectacular courses I've ever been associated with."


    Hiking opportunities abound in the Western Maine Mountains. You can hike the 4,237 foot summit of Sugarloaf right outside the hotel or to one of the surrounding mountains in the Bigelow Range. You can also connect with the Appalachian Trail. Hiking trails for all abilities provide wilderness beauty on many miles of alpine terrain.

    Mountain Biking

    Sugarloaf/USA maintains over 50 miles of mountain bike trails featuring some of the choicest single track in New England, wide open dirt roads, the historic Narrow Gauge Railroad bed (don't worry-the tracks and ties have been removed) along the picturesque Carrabassett River and a trail network that has supported one of the biggest mountain bike races in the East - The Widowmaker Challenge.

    White Water Rafting

    The Kennebec River is one of the most popular whitewater rafting runs in the country. It combines a beautiful wilderness setting with Class 5 rapids and narrow passages. A full day Kennebec trip is a great family or group adventure for ages 12 and up. Trips can be arranged with numerous rafting companies and Sugarloaf/USA has an exclusive partnership with Northern Outdoors, a premier whitewater outfitter.

    Moose Watching

    Maine's infamous moose love the Carrabassett Valley. Hotel staff can direct you to spots where you will have a good chance of seeing moose or you can join organized "Moose Cruises." At the very least, you'll enjoy great wilderness scenery and the setting sun over Crocker Mountain.

    Planning Your Supplemental Recreation

    We could go on about fly fishing, canoeing, swimming in a crystal clear mountain stream, relaxing wilderness picnics, etc. but we think you get the idea that combining some outdoor, wilderness related activities with IMI's 2003 Digital Printing Summer Camp - EAST would be fun and easy to do. Most of these activities can be done on your own or you can make arrangements by contacting Lynn Sundelin at Sugarloaf/USA at 207-237-2000.

    When you register for one or more of the courses at IMI's 2003 Digital Printing Summer Camp - EAST, we will provide you with an information package covering summer activities and recreational opportunities at Sugarloaf/USA and in the adjacent areas.

    Getting to Sugarloaf/USA

    To access all this wonderful natural beauty, it is obvious that Sugarloaf/USA is not located in an urban center! However, it is closer than you think.

    For those flying into the Northeastern U.S., we recommend flying into one of the following airports and renting a car so that you can enjoy the wonderful scenic auto routes throughout New England as you travel to Sugarloaf/USA.

    Portland International Airport, Portland, Maine - 2 ½ hour drive
    Bangor International Airport, Bangor, Maine - 2 ½ hour drive
    Manchester Airport, Manchester, New Hampshire - 3 ½ hour drive
    Logan International Airport, Boston, Massachusetts - 4 hour drive

    For those of you located in the Northeastern U.S. or once you've rented your car, you will want to plan your trip to and from Sugarloaf/USA to pass by such places as L.L. Bean in Freeport, Maine, the Old Port Waterfront District of Portland, Maine, numerous small coastal and lake communities and many of the other attractions of Maine - that's why it says "Vacationland" on our license plates.

    Again, when you register for one or more of the courses at 2003 IMI's Digital Printing Summer Camp - EAST, we will provide you with an information package with detailed directions and options for enhancing your trip, whether it be just for a brief visit or more extended vacation.

    Useful Web Sites for Sugarloaf/USA Area Information

    Sugarloaf/USA -
    Town of Carrabassett Valley, Maine -
    Sugarloaf Area Chamber of Commerce -
    The Stanley Museum -
    University of Maine at Farmington -
    State of Maine -


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