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February 11, 2004

Chaparral Suites Resort
Scottsdale, Arizona

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Information Management Institute, Inc.


The Chemically Prepared Toner Seminar will cover the manufacturing methods for chemically prepared toners as well as their benefits and the reasons they are receiving significant attention by the toner and laser printing industry. The state-of-the-art plus manufacturing issues and barriers to adoption will be addressed. Manufacturing methods, current products and industry trends will provide valuable insights to all those involved in or impacted by the growth of chemically prepared toners now and in the future.

The Chemically Prepared Toner Seminar will serve as an excellent primer or refresher course for those desiring to obtain the latest perspective on chemical toners prior to IMI's 7th Annual Toner & Imaging Chemicals Conference on February 11-13, 2004 or immediately following IMI's 12th Annual Laser Printing Conference on February 9-11, 2004; both at the same location.


Graham J. Galliford,Galliford Consulting & Marketing

Chemically Prepared Toner Seminar
February 11, 2004
Chaparral Suites Resort
Scottsdale, Arizona

Program and Schedule

  Wednesday, February 11, 2004

  11:30 a.mRegistration & Lunch

  12:30 p.m.Chemically Prepared Toner Seminar

Alvin G. Keene, President, Information Management Institute, Inc., Carrabassett Valley, Maine
Seminar Chairman: Graham J. Galliford, President, Galliford Consulting & Marketing, Ventura, California

Why Chemically Prepared Toners?

  • The Need For Small Mean Particle Size & Challenges Meeting This Need
  • Need For Low Energy Consumption & Low Pollution Manufacturing
  • Toner Manufacturing Methods Compared
  • Improvements Offered By Chemically Prepared Toners
  • Why So Long Before Commercialization?

Chemically Prepared Toner Basics Including A Polymerization Technology Primer
(Polymers Chemistry, Different Technologies, Physical Properties Of Polymers)

  • Features Of CPT Technologies
  • Small Mean Particle Size
  • Toner Particle Shape Control
  • Chemically Prepared Toner Technologies
    - Suspension Polymerization
    - Emulsion Polymerization & Aggregation
    - Microencapsulation
    - Dispersion Polymerization
    - Condensation Polymerization
    - Chemical Milling
  • Washing/Isolation/Filtration/Drying & Blending
    - Filter Press & Vacuum Dry
    - Fluidized Bed Drying

Review Of Current Manufacturing Methods For Chemically Prepared Toners

  • R & D Activities
  • Technology Trends & Development
  • Costing Data
  • Applications

Future Manufacturers

Chemically Prepared Toner R & D Activities

Chemically Prepared Toner Patents

  4:00 p.m.Adjournment


Mr. Galliford is President of Galliford Consulting & Marketing located in Ventura, California, which he founded in 1994.

Prior to starting Galliford Consulting & Marketing, he joined the Coates Group of Companies, a leading manufacturer of inks and coatings, including toners and ink jet inks, as a technologist. He worked in fields as diverse as flexographic ink products and screen printed circuit resists. He performed some of the early work in radiation cured ink technology for Coates. Mr. Galliford became involved in the field of reprographic toners in 1975 and was engaged in a variety of roles in the United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa and North America. His last position with Coates was Executive Vice President and local Chief Executive of Coates Reprographics, Inc. in Dallas, Pennsylvania, the group manufacturing and marketing company for toners and ink jet inks. He developed the company's operation into a full basic toner manufacturing organization.

Mr. Galliford obtained his degree in Applied Physics at North West Kent College of Technology and his Diploma in Management Studies from the Polytechnic of Central London Business School, (University of Westminster).


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