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CK Associates was founded in 1991 and specializes in strategic planning and market research for the computer peripheral industry. We conduct focused, multi-client and private studies which explore customer satisfaction as well as business opportunities for new or existing products and services using various research techniques including mail, telephone and computer based surveys, focus groups and personal interviews.

Primary objectives are to increase a client's profit, revenue and market share by thoroughly profiling existing and potential customers and analyzing the market opportunity, product offering and competitive environment.

Recommendations may include investment in new products, features or markets, repositioning of existing products, enhancing company image or strengthening distribution methods.

Works closely with clients to create and implement marketing plans and programs.

CK Associates may be reached by e-mail at or by phone at (949) 552-9576.


KENNETH C. FREUND - Managing Partner

Kenneth C. (Ken) Freund had twenty six years of diversified marketing experience in the multi-national peripherals industry prior to establishing CK Associates in 1991.

During that time, his responsibilities included strategic planning, market research, product planning, product management, telemarketing and field sales at CalComp, InfoScribe, Dataproducts and the General Electric Company.

Ken's product experience consists of desktop and wide format monochrome and color printer/plotters, personal and shared resource office printers, EDP line printers and high resolution graphic displays as well as large and small format digitizers.

Application knowledge exists in the areas of Business and Presentation Graphics, CAD/CAM/CAE, Electronic Publishing and Graphic Arts as well as computer based office and EDP printing.

He is familiar with a broad range of non-impact imaging technologies including direct thermal, thermal wax, dye diffusion, electrostatic, electro-photographic and ink jet in addition to pen plotters and impact printing devices.

Ken received his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and MBA degrees from Santa Clara University. He has published a number of articles and is a frequent speaker in the areas of color imaging applications, technologies and markets.

JOHN W. DOWNING - Associate Partner

John Downing had twenty five years of marketing and manufacturing experience prior to becoming affiliated with CK Associates in 1993. During that time his responsibilities included market research, analysis, planning, forecasting, materials management and telemarketing at Joseph E. Seagrams and Sons, Dataproducts Corporation, Pacific Bell and KVB Industries.

John is a highly organized, detail oriented individual who is deeply involved in all phases of CK Associates' activities.

John received his Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio State University and a MBA from California Lutheran University.

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